brand: how does it work

The brand adopts the 4s Platform in order to map and engage its supply chain.
All reporting and data collection activities from the supply chain are performed directly on the Platform, allowing the brand to access real time information about the supply chain ranking, reporting and assessment.

supply chain: how does it work

Suppliers can adopt the 4s Platform autonomously or on input from the brand.
With the framework adoption, they commit to perform a self assessment and data collection and then to continue the assurance process for achieving performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure transparency and credibility.

self assessment

Each transformation roadmap towards sustainability begins with an honest assessment of the starting situation. This “photograph” can be taken online in full autonomy through a system built on the six 4sustainability initiatives.
The assessment aims to collect information and measure the level of maturity of the initiatives implemented.

would you like to proceed with the self assessment or learn more about the 4s Platform?