the protocol: valorise products made from recycled raw materials

Recycle 4sustainability® has been set up to highlight products made with recycled materials, supporting companies in the construction of a system of traceability, control and communication of their sustainable content.

The activities that make up the protocol provide for, among other things, an initial assessment of the companies in the supply chain, the definition of the system of traceability for the products made of recycled material, the controlling of chemical products, the calculation and communication of environmental savings expressed in water, electricity and CO2, as well as any evolved approaches to models of circular economy.


REMO Recycle 2

a real-life example: REMO 4sustainability

REMO 4sustainability is the result of collaboration between Process Factory and REMO Key for the calculation and communication of savings in environmental terms of the products made with recycled materials. The system allows the measurement and communication, with the use of a talking label, of the actual percentage of recycled material used in the manufacturing of the products, the relative saving in terms of lower environmental impact and the sustainability content related to the implementation of the  MRSL ZDHC through the Chemical Management 4sustainability® protocol.

making products with recycled raw materials is a value to be communicated