the protocol: focus on performance indicators

The Reporting 4sustainability® protocol is characterised by a strong methodological approach, for the involvement of all the company functions and for the centrality of processes. A strict plan of action with inspiration and goals that reflect the SDGs and the UN Global Compact, aligned with the global standard for GRI reporting, structured on the collection of data for KPIs and supported by an information technology platform for the gathering and traceability of said data.


the requirements: a process for the generation of value

Process Factory provides support for companies through a structured process that includes materiality analysis for the identification of relevant themes for the publication of the Sustainability Report, the construction of  a data collection model according to GRI standards, the setting up and validation of the first Sustainability Report, data analysis for the improvement plan and the definition of opportunities for using the document for communication purposes.

IT tools: PCube 4sustainability

The combination of skills between Process Factory and an Italian company specialised in the designing of Business Intelligence solutions has led to the creation of a form of collaborative and multichannel web-based software dedicated to sustainability reporting, allowing for the innovation in terms of concept and technology of a process that is still conducted in a predominantly manual manner. The system simplifies the compilation of data, rendering the process more accurate and the overall information more solid.


the release: beware of greenwashing

Greenwashing is the widespread practice of bolstering the environmental reputation of a company through the casual use of communication, without the support of measurable and therefore reliable results. A Report generated with the Reporting 4sustainability® protocol is a streamlined corporate communication tool that is easy to read and above all accurate, capable of presenting the story and the sustainability values of the company over time. More importantly, it is an instrument for analysis and direction for actions to be taken in the future.

how important are your performance indicators?