4sustainability_who_made_my_clothesThe Fashion Film Festival Milano has reached its fifth edition. And it confirms itself as an essential appointment for those who work in the international fashion sector. Fashion Film, in fact, is the mean by which fashion expresses itself in the digital age. This year, for the first time, a new category, The Best Green Fashion Film, has been added to the FFF Milan. The aim is to share and make known the sustainability in the fashion sector, the second most polluting industry after the Oil & Gas one. Every year we produce a lot of clothing, but customers do not know much about the living conditions of people in the supply chain. This situation was told by Futerra through the film “Who made my clothes”, the winning film of the new category. Its aim was (and still is) to make people aware of the life and destiny of those who work in the fashion industry. The hope is that the viewer will do something about it, asking and informing in turn, as well as actively participating in actions that affect their favourite brands.