Reporting means gathering, the description and quantification process of organization performance, as well as of individuals who are part of it.
Assessment is the first essential step to each company that wants to begin a credible path to reporting activities. Structure and organization, management system, governance, products and services, but also the complex relationships linking the company to its stakeholders are fundamental analysis elements to draw up a sustainability report.
The main benchmarks are the existing rules and protocols, first identified in the International Guidelines for the redaction of the Sustainability Report (Global Reporting Initiative – GRI) and the ISO 26000 standard.

Reporting sustainabilityOUR OFFER
4sustainability has built an analysis method that can be applied to all sustainability dimensions – organizational, environmental, social – or only to those deemed a priority by the company management.
The approach is based on maximum concreteness, in order to give brands and suppliers a clear overview of the actions to be taken depending on their strengths and weaknesses, by involving individual business units or the organization as a whole.
For anyone who want to face the always more strategic themes of sustainability from a basic approach, 4sustainability has also arranged a questionnaire, a precious self-assessment tool to verify the existence of requirements associated to sustainability most often and use at best the available resources.