Recycle means supporting a reuse culture and the principle that there are not junk products but products that, once transformed, can create new wealth for companies in the supply chain, as well as evident benefits for environment.
Regenerated products are more and more trendy and the circular economy model is becoming a relevant marketing tool with a significant impact on brand reputation.

Recycle 4S  is the service dedicated to textile and fashion industry to reduce the production’s impact on environment by harnessing second hand textile products. The ultimate goal is to spread a culture of reuse, highlighting the advantages in terms of resources savings like water and energy and of CO2 emissions reduction. To achieve this goal, Recycle 4S produces a specific technical dossier that documents the supply chain transparency – from the identification of raw materials to certifications  – and measures the sustainable content of products.
This system also quantifies the percentage of regenerated fibers and advantages for the environment, giving each clothing item a real authenticity passport. Recycle 4S can be sewn on a label, printed on the tag or directly on the article… It is a brand inside the brand, a container of personalized information to be read, downloaded and shared through the most diffused mobile advices.