Pelletterie Bianchi e Nardi è un'azienda 4sustainability

Pelletterie Bianchi e Nardi SpaID Nr. 4S-100573e-report version 3.0

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Pelletterie Bianchi e Nardi S.p.A. is a historic company based in Florence, Italy. Its core business has always been the design, the development, and the production of leather and exotic leather products. Since 1946 Bianchi e Nardi has been working at the highest standard of professionalism and quality to provide goods 100% made in Italy, constantly aiming to customer’s full satisfaction ensuring welfare to the employees and fair treatments to suppliers and partners.


Growth and sustainability are the factors for which we want to stand out, founding our strategy on the belief that ethical approach should characterize our business model. We firmly believe there cannot be a long-term economic development without a social and environmental development.
Inspired to and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda (SDGs), we’re committed to contributing to the generation of global positive change, assuming a clear environmental and social responsibility.
We do it concretely by joining the 4sustainability® roadmap, making the values and action programs it embodies our own, committing ourselves to starting a virtuous change journey in our business model, through one or more initiatives that we tell in this e-report.

conscious use of resources to reduce environmental impact

this initiative contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals

KPIs and implementation Level will be available after the first audit is carried out


the implementation level is defined after the assurance process following the achievement of the protocol’s minimum requirements and is reviewed annually