Sustainability is the responsibility of generating transformative and innovative impact for the benefit of people and the whole planet”.

Trailblazer and change maker driven by purpose with 24 years of experience on sustainability field. After earning a degree in Statistical and Economic Sciences from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in quality, since 1996 she started to deal full-time with social responsibility and sustainability as CSR manager for two certification bodies where she built the structure of CSR and develop recognized skills at worldwide level, for the provision of consulting services , auditing, training, certification, for different types of companies.

From 2008 to 2020 she continued her professional path as Head of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility at Gucci, where she created the CSR department, defined, developed and implemented the sustainability strategy and all the projects and targets related, increasing the culture and the awareness globally. In her role she led the company to achieved internationally recognized leadership on sustainability.
Builder of relationships with key global stakeholders and Chair of sustainability committees. Member of Board since 2009.
Author of articles, publications and speaker at many conferences.