a sustainability vendor rating system

4sustainability® is a sustainability vendor rating system that brands can apply to their supply chain. The system, which can be integrated with the existing internal rating systems, is supported by Ympact, the IT platform developed to optimize the sustainability performance monitoring along the supply chain.

the system allows the brand to:

  • know and manage its supply chain and the activities concretely performed in the social and environmental field
  • evaluate, monitor and improve production conditions towards sustainability
  • guarantee the overall traceability of one's business
  • create relationships based on collaboration and transparency with suppliers by carrying out together projects with a high innovation content, with significant advantages in terms of efficiency and cost rationalization

the market and public opinion

Joining 4sustainability is not just for ensuring compliance of one’s business with national and international regulations on the environment and social responsibility. It also contributes to reaffirming one’s reliability on these issues by managing the possible risks due to the complexity, fragmentation and dislocation of one’s supply network and to improving one’s reputation towards consumers and all relevant stakeholders.

application fields

The system is modular and can be applied to all the initiatives of the 4sustainability roadmap (MATERIALS, CHEM, TRACE, PEOPLE, PLANET, RECYCLE) or to the one/s on which the brand wants to specifically measure its supply chain.

An added value is the training journey to be developed according to the brand’s needs as an introduction of its resources and / or those of the supply chain to the main issues of sustainability or as specific training on product development or, again, as retail training.

the release: from the supply chain report to the label

4sustainability releases a supply chain report built on sustainability dimension and supplier cluster which highlights the sustainability level achieved year by year by one’s supply chain.

Garments made with a significant component of products guaranteed by the 4sustainability brand will be able to carry this same brand on the label, to distinguish and communicate to consumers their actual sustainability content. The conditions of use and reproducibility of the mark are governed by specific Guidelines.