the path to obtaining and maintaining the mark

every day, more and more companies choose 4sustainability® to orient their business model towards sustainability. The best Italian supply chain is represented at all stages and sectors: from large-scale brands to the manufacture of fabrics and yarns and to processing; from textiles to leather and chemicals; from industries to smaller businesses that still play a strategic role in the success of a sector that is one of the most prosperous in the fashion system.

Becoming a4sustainability® company is a four-step process of transformation:




You can start your own sustainable transformation path by “photographing” the company situation with a self-assessment system built with the same logics of issuing the brand. The environment for taking this picture is Ympact, the IT platform for measuring and verifying your company’s social and environmental performance data.




For each 4S initiative identified in the assessment phase as a priority for the company purposes, we carry out an implementation project characterized by a standard protocol, an ad hoc platform for data collection and monitoring (Ympact Platform) and a program of continuous training and assistance.



mark release

The release of the 4sustainability mark is subject to the registration and systematic use of the Ympact Platform and takes place following the data analysis and periodic audits conducted both on site and remotely. The mark is valid for three years.




Compliance over time with the requirements governing the mark release is guaranteed by annual checks on key performance indicators. The results are made public via a customized digital report: the 4sustainability e-report.

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