the aim: reduce the environmental impact

The PLANET4sustainability® protocol sets out a process for a conscious use of resources aimed at reducing the environmental impact.
The method provides for an initial analysis of the company data, which is necessary in order to identify priorities and therefore the actions for efficiency that can feasibly be applied. The implementation of the projects for the reduction  of water consumptions, energy consumptions and CO2 emissions takes place in collaboration with technology and financial partners identified on the basis of the specific characteristics of the company, the type of production and the more or less ambitious results that the company wants to obtain.

the release: a dedicated report

One of the pluses of the protocol is the issue of a report showing the main consumption and impact KPIs such as water footprint and carbon footprint. The report is an annual analysis tool for defining subsequent improvement actions that can also be used for communication purposes, as it guarantees the authenticity of the transition path.

do you want to reduce your environmental impact?