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Sustainability is, above all, about knowledge and awareness. It is an expression of the corporate culture that precedes and accompanies the implementation of credible projects for impact reduction. For this reason, we have always attached great importance to training and updating activities, engaging with brands and companies in the fashion supply chain, as well as consumers, upon whom the possibility of the sector shifting towards more sustainable business models also depends.
The 4sustainability training catalogue consistently includes a diverse array of offerings. These range from courses for chemical managers accredited by ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), to the program for Sustainability Managers qualified by AICQ Sicev, to the 4S FORUM thematic webinars providing updates on new trends in the fashion world and in-depth exploration of technical or regulatory topics. An integral part of our offer is also the series of interviews and talks live with 4sustainability, open conversations with sustainability advocates designed to engage and inform a broader audience beyond industry professionals.

ZDHC Accredited Courses

All sessions of the training for ZDHC accredited Chemical Managers


Sustainability Manager

The AICQ Sicev qualified path specific to fashion & luxury



The update and training program to understand new trends and delve into technical and regulatory aspects


live with 4sustainability

The complete archive of interviews and meetings with the most authentic figures in sustainability