the protocol: our way to chem

The CHEM 4sustainability® protocol for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances is based, in line with ZDHC methodology, on the synthesis between what brands ask companies in the supply chain and the analysis of relative verification methods. A bringing together of demand and ability to respond oriented towards the gradual achieving of shared goals through a single management system, which is to be applied though a dedicated project, regular training and refresher courses and constant monitoring over time.
Brachi Testing Services is the technical partner for chemical risk assessment.

from the initial commitmentto the monitoring of results


organisational structure

management procedure

mapping of the production process

assessment and monitoring of the supply chain

assessment of the chemical inventory

annual verification of the level of implementation

programme of controls regarding raw materials, chemical products, processes and waste

traceability of production

internal and external training for suppliers and clients

system reporting and data analysis

credible communication


chemical managers trained since 2016


ZDHC accredited courses: open sessions

For companies in the fashion supply chain who decide to undertake a specific learning path on Chemical Management, an additional opportunity is represented by the ZDHC training program – provided by Process Factory as an accredited training provider.

the guarantee: a set for communication

Being able to declare to the market the nature and scope of the commitment to chemical management is a clear competitive advantage. Those adopting the 4s CHEM protocol can count on a complete set of technical documentation and graphic tools developed for communication purposes. The certificate issued following the various assessment audits to validate the level of implementation reached is a guarantee recognised by the most important brands in the world, as is the accompanying report.

IT tools: 4s CHEM platform

Process Factory provides companies who implement its initiatives access to the 4s CHEM platform, a software that provides the possibility to check and manage data directly and simply. The platform is cloud-based, accessible both via web and mobile device with login credentials issued on activation of the CHEM pillar.
The platform holds an archive of all the documents relative to the implementation system – chemical inventory, specifications and letters for suppliers and clients, check-lists, etc. – while, in terms of training, the many advantages include access to didactic materials for in-company sessions.

The security of the data and documentation uploaded onto the 4s CHEM platform is guaranteed at the highest levels