Francesca Rulli

CEO and Founder Process Factory | 4sustainability®

A few words about me

“People often define me as a sustainability expert and if others say so, I prefer. I was born in Florence, where I’m lucky enough to continue living and working, where I have before my eyes every day the wonders of a nature to be preserved and those of human genius and creativity…
Florence is my city and the world my dimension: the opportunity to travel and know other places and meet people to learn from is what makes me really happy and a better person, I think.
I have always been interested in the environment and human rights issues, and over time this interest has become a passion and the passion a business. Process Factory was born this way and it’s been fifteen years now. In 2013 it was the turn of 4sustainability, the implementation system and assurance mark that measures the sustainability performance of the fashion & luxury supply chain.

Beyond the profession, sustainability is important to me above all for its cultural value. I believe my commitment as a teacher and disseminator of sustainability issues comes from this feeling, from the idea that certain principles should guide our behaviors every day.
Same thing for the book Aware Fashionistas. Vademecum of sustainable fashion (Dario Flaccovio Editore): I appeal to consumers, as well as to the production supply chain, because I entrust my dreams of a better world to this possible synergy: summed together, the behaviors of each of us, the choices and investments we do, the people we decide to ally with to fight our battles… make the impossible possible”.


Fashionisti consapevoli
Vademecum della moda sostenibile

Preface by Matteo Marzotto


Silvia Stella Osella

“Ethics and aesthetics must coexist; they serve each other mutually in order to generate beauty in all senses.

She has worked in design and fashion since 2005, collaborating with international brands such as Inditex Group – ZARA, Adidas, Armani, Max Mara Group, Topshop, Mango, and many others.

In 2013, she co-founded an innovative and fully traceable sustainable brand, creating an exclusive capsule collection for YOOX | NET-A-PORTER.

Since 2009, Silvia has been specializing in the world of Sustainable Fashion, working as a consultant and mentor for large groups and innovative startups, sharing thematic columns on her Instagram channel @silviastella_ and collaborating with several newspapers as fashion sustainability editor.

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