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This section of the 4sustainability website is called Francesca Rulli, but I’m not the protagonist. At the center is sustainability as meant and practiced by some of its most honest and passionate interpreters: entrepreneurs, teachers, communicators … whom I thought of involving in a series of short interviews hoping that their words and experience can show others the way. There is nothing more powerful than concrete example for choosing consciously, in fact. And sustainability MUST be a conscious choice, to be pursued over time with consistency and truth.
You can follow live with 4sustainability® interviews – this is the name of the program – on the LinkedIn Sustainable Business Makers group! Every two weeks, a new conversation will be scheduled in which the most important voice will be yours! Who would you like to hear? What would you like to ask him/her?



I’m defined as “a sustainability expert with specialization in management systems for the implementation of sustainable development projects”. It sounds very serious, but it’s basically correct. For sure sustainability is a great passion, a dream to which I’ve applied my skills in management engineering and business process management.
In 2008, with other partners, I founded  Process Factory, a consulting company I’m also CEO of.

4sustainability® was born in 2013 as a network of skills and then a line of services. The contribution of Brachi Testing Services was fundamental to start, as well as the trust by some leading fashion brands’ management. Today, 4sustainability® is the Process Factory brand that certifies the adhesion of fashion & luxury companies to the sustainability roadmap, recognized as such by the market.
I won’t go any further, if not to mention my role as ZDHC – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals accredited teacher and trainer. It is a role that I care very much about, because the possibility of sustainability entering people’s lives and behaviors as an expression of all-round culture and civilization is linked to the transmission of knowledge.


Fashionisti consapevoli
Vademecum della moda sostenibile

Preface by Matteo Marzotto


4sustainability event june 9

When: Thursday 9 June from 2.30pm to 7.00pm

Where: Villa Viviani, Florence

The second act of the 4sustainability Event Numeri primi will be held only in person in the city-symbol of Renaissance with a very rich agenda and 20 prestigious speakers!

We’ve tried to summarize some of the many reasons of interest in this special live with 4sustainability! More than guests, Francesca Rulli interviews three colleagues, collaborators… and flag bearers of the fabulous Process Factory team: Giuditta Passini, Francesca Tardelli and Ludovica Braglia, who will moderate the three parallel working tables on key sustainability initiatives for fashion & luxury that will characterize the central part of the Event.

To our partners Brachi Testing Services and The ID Factory and our sponsors BGMEA and Savino Del Bene a big thank you for their important support!

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June 21 - Best of Numeri Primi (4sustainability Event)

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