Much has been written about the 2023 edition of the Global Fashion Summit, a highlight event where sustainability experts from around the world meet and compare views. This year’s title sounds more like a warning than ever:¬†Ambition to Action, and to act early and well, we know, the support of innovation is crucial.

What impressions did we get from the June 27-28 event in Copenhagen? Francesca Rulli and Massimo Brandellero tell about it in this special live with 4sustainability delving precisely into the topic of innovation, meant not only in terms of technology, but as a set of structured solutions that the market proposes. What makes the difference, from the perspective of sustainable development, is grasping its value.

Watch the video and leave your comment! If you were also in Copenhagen, please share your impressions: what did you enjoy and what convinced you less? Looking ahead to the next edition, we hope for an increasing presence of the supply chain.