the protocol: measuring circularity

The CYCLE 4sustainability® protocol purpose is increasing the circularity level of companies meant as the set of circular economy initiatives actually implemented. The activities, which include an initial assessment of incoming flows (materials and resources), outgoing flows (products and waste), and any best practices in the filed of sustainable design, logistics, supplier management, and packaging, are all aimed at building a circularity index.


Circular economy in fashion: rethinking business

The growing attention to the environmental sustainability of production processes and the resulting products, the globalization of markets, the consumer’s desire to do his or her part by buying clothes with a lower impact… everything seems to be pushing fashion companies to implement concrete actions to rethink the very way they do business.
The key word for affirming a circular economy model in fashion is “cutting back”, moving from the take-make-waste logic typical of the linear economy to modes of production and consumption that extend the life cycle of products as far as possible in order to cut down the share of waste.

build your cicularity index