the protocol: people first

The People 4sustainability® protocol defines the intervention plans that can be implemented in the company in order to increase performance and well-being among staff with a view to continuous improvement. What are the weak points and what are the positive aspects on which to build? Do people identify with the company and its management? In what way to they share the sustainability policies? How can the level of satisfaction be measured and monitored over time? Placing people at the centre means answering these questions and then working to translate the priorities identified into smart solutions in order to establish the theme of working together as a distinctive factor for aggregation and loyalty-building.

three steps for change

configuration of the initial assessment

collection and analytical observation of data

identification of improvement actions

the release: values to be declared

As all initiatives of our roadmap, PEOPLE 4sustainability® sets out a pathway that does not end with the publishing of the survey results. With a view to continual improvement, the data collected is brought together in a report whose KPIs measure and communicate to stakeholders the performance achieved. This tool can also be used in communication to the market as an index of Corporate Social Responsibility.

improve staff motivation and satisfaction