Converging evidence from the MacKinsey report and 4sustainability experience to support the fashion industry.”.

The State of Fashion report by McKinsey and Business of Fashion is released annually to take stock of consumer habits, brand behaviors and micro-trends in the fashion industry.

The title of the 2023 edition – Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty – alludes to a situation of instability that fashion companies, however, seem equipped to manage.

In this special episode of live with 4sustainability we summarize the report’s most significant evidence, relating it to the progress of 4sustainability-branded implementation projects and the new features of the Ympact platform enabling the framework.

The episode resumes without substantial cuts the webinar of last May 10, an agile conversation between Francesca Rulli and three Sustainable Business Makers from the Process Factory team: Virginia Anichini, Paria Behmanesh and Elisabetta Bosi.