“Sustainability is a journey that has a direction but never a finish line. One should always be wary of too simple solutions, because it is a complex issue.

Journalist and author of the platform Solo Moda Sostenibile, lecturer in training courses and master’s degrees, Silvia lives in Prato, Europe’s largest textile district. She grew up around factories, the smell of fabrics, the sound of looms… It’s all part of her DNA.

Her interest in sustainability began several years ago, which, she explains, has allowed her to witness the journey of so many companies approaching the topic. At first it was called Green Economy, and that’s how the story began….

A communication and sustainability specialist, Silvia supports companies in building their responsibility strategy and communicating with appropriate storytelling.

She designs projects, makes connections. She prepares texts, releases, presentations. She writes sustainability reports and company profiles. She helps companies tell the story of what they are doing and best communicate the goals they achieve.