how does it work

The assessment aims to collect information and measure the implementation level of the best practices related to the 4sustainability® roadmap, which is built with reference to the main international regulations and coalitions.

the question paper consists of eight chapters

  • personal information
  • governance and innovation
  • traceability (4s Trace)
  • chemical management (4s Chem)

Each question has four possible answers, each representative of a different implementation level. Documentary proof is required for each evaluation element.
Any existing certifications are integrated into the evaluation.
In order to link risks to the company’s location on the territory, some data collection sections are enabled based on the geographical area specified in the personal data section.

the release: the assessment report

The self assessment releases a report identifying the implementation level achieved for each dimension. Thanks to this report, companies will be able to identify the priorities and actions to be taken to define thier onwn sustainability strategy.
The assessment is the prerequirement for implementing one or more initiatives of the 4sustainability® roadmap, thus acquiring the right to use the related guarantee mark.

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