“Committing to sustainability also means streamlining processes for product traceability by involving all links in the supply chain”.

Taroni is world-class excellence in the silk fabric production, the flag-bearer of a district such as the Como one capable of seducing the most famous fashion & luxury brands.

CEO and Creative Director of Taroni, Maximilian Canepa is today committed to leading the company into the future, preserving its manufacturing tradition and focusing on process digitalization and sustainability to confirm its market leadership.

Born in Milan, Maximilian has lived in the United States most of his life, studying art and photography at the California Institute of the Arts. In 2013 he came back to Italy to support his father Michele Canepa at the helm of the company and to take over the style direction. Today, Taroni style is marked by sustainability as a beauty enhancer, a factor capable of multiplying the aesthetic qualities of the product and giving it lasting value over time.