product impact: the LCA calculation

In order to reduce the impact of a product on the environment, it first needs to be calculated, taking into consideration important parameters such as water, energy, refuse… Through the LCA – Life Cycle Assessment method, Process Factory helps companies in their voluntary calculation of product impact, also for communication purposes, as in the process for the obtaining of certification regarding international standards such as EPD – Environmental Product Declaration and PEF – Product Environmental Footprint.

Protocollo CSR

the protocol: responsible culture

CSR 4sustainability® allows commitments and values regarding social and environmental responsibility into company operational processes, creating a system that is capable of generating accountable results. The development of this system takes its cue from standards and regulations that govern the areas of interest of the company and include in the process support for the acquisition of the relative certifications and calculation systems. They are issued by accredited third-party bodies on the basis of strict requirements regarding ethics, transparency and independence.

the goals: risk-based thinking

The creation of the management system via the CSR 4sustainability® protocol begins with a detailed analysis of the context in which the company operates, the requirements of the interested parties and their expectations.

The identification of the risks and opportunities that emerge generate a plan of action aimed at


ensuring that the management system can produce the expected results

maximising the desired effects

preventing or reducing undesirable effects.

promoting continual improvement

what form of certification or calculation system are you interested in?