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Process Factory has capitalised on the experience of 4sustainability®, developing a catalogue of distinct and independent training modules: it is possible to choose just one, or construct a personalised training course based on the company priorities. Informative seminars, technical-operative workshops on important sustainability themes, and more closely targeted webinars developed to develop a high level of interaction with participants even remotely.



chemical managers trained since 2016

ZDHC accredited courses: open sessions

For companies from the fashion supply chain that decide to begin a process of specific training on Chemical Management, further opportunity is represented by the ZDHC – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals training programme.
Process Factory is the first ZDHC-accredited training provider in Italy, and regularly collaborates with the organisation for the development of new face-to-face and webinar courses.

Since 2016, it has been organising highly professional sessions in the most important Italian fashion districts at both basic and advanced levels. The international certificate of Chemical Manager issued directly by ZDHC on passing the final exam has a validity of two years.


ZDHC-accredited courses: private sessions

As well as public sessions open to all companies in the fashion supply chain, there is also the possibility for each individual organisation to structure either face-to-face or remote private training sessions that are reserved exclusively for company staff and/or suppliers. These sessions, which are published on the ZDHC Academy platform, can be accessed exclusively by people indicated by the company, in accordance with an agenda defined in close collaboration with Process Factory. This is an opportunity which not only allows the training to be calibrated to specific goals, but also permits the direct involvement of company suppliers, maximising the advantages that only a process shared between the various components of the supply chain can really guarantee.

ZDHC training provider

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