A concentrate of excitement, happy meetings, relevant contents and new stimuli. The 4sustainability Event took place on June 9 in the unique setting of Villa Viviani to remind us how fundamental human relationships are. “Every look, every handshake, every word spoken and heard have made this in person edition really special“, Francesca Rulli says. “This live with 4sustainability with the Event’s highlights is our way to thank anyone who has contributed to its success“.

Thanks to the speakers for the generous participation in the debate on sustainability in fashion: Annamaria Tartaglia, Costanza Brachi, Alberto Enoch, Elisa Gavazza, Matteo Magnani, Miran Ali, Attila Kiss, Iris Skrami, Liesl Truscott, Francesco Botto Poala, Andrea Crespi, Daniele Massetti, Olga Pirazzi, Matteo Ward, and Massimo Brandellero.

Thanks to our partners and friends at Brachi Testing Services and The ID Factory. Thanks to BGMEA and Savino Del Bene for their valuable support and collaboration. And thanks, above all, to all of you who joined us in Florence, strengthening that sense of community that 4sustainability now represents.