If every single company decision takes into account the good of people and the planet, only then that company can call itself sustainable”.

Ian Whiteford is Sustainability & Compliance Manager at Alex-Begg, a historic textile company located in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland.

Since 1866, Alex-Begg has been making accessories with the best cashmere, silk and wool yarns working with many prestigious fashion brands in the world.

Ian is graduated in Molecular Biology from Edinburgh University. He has been involved in sustainability for many years. In particular, he was responsible for the construction of Alex-Begg’s conversion process to sustainability and a coherent management and reporting system.

Before being a professional vocation, sustainability is for Ian a personal passion, that he continuously cultivates by participating in charity initiatives in his country and abroad and a non-profit organization that deals with the recovery and recycling of waste textile processing.