Waiting for the 4sustainability Event, our focus on the sustainability pillars

Traceability, Circular Economy, Raw Materials, Chemical Management, Environmental Impact, Organizational Wellbeing … These are the key dimensions of sustainability – and the pillars of 4sustainability framework – summarized by its flag bearers: Stefano Caiani (Planet), Fabio Caligiore (Trace), Laura Cellini (People), Giovanni Graziani (Cycle), Lucio Miglionico (Materials), and Francesca Tardelli. (Chem).

Francesca Rulli involved them in this special episode of live with 4sustainability designed to get us closer to the first act of the Event Prime Numbers. The sustainable Renaissance of the fashion supply chain, scheduled for December 2nd, 2021 from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm in live streaming.