With over 30 sessions delivered up to now, Process Factory we wait for you in the new year with three ZDHC accredited webinars also in English! The goal is to train professionals with the appropriate skills to manage the elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals from the production processes of the fashion supply chain.


Waiting for the 2021 complete calendar, there’re three courses already scheduled: in February, the basic course Chemical Management in the Textile Industry, for the first time in English; always in February, the basic course Chemical Management in the Textile Industry, in Italian; in March, always in Italian, the advanced course Top 10 Issues of Chemical Management.

The formula for the three new dates is the one already tested in 2020: unique online sessions spread over three consecutive days, with modules of 2 and a half hours each to make attendance more comfortable and optimize the distance learning experience.

Webinar Chemical Management in the Textile Industry (English)
8-9-10 February 2020

The course is structured to meet the specific features of the Italian supply chain and provides basic knowledge on MRSL and chemical risk assessment, process mapping and communication between the different links in the supply chain, chemical inventory, environmental impact mitigation measures, role of the chemical manager, etc.

Webinar Chemical Management in the Textile Industry (Italian)
23-24-25 February 2020

Same program and purpose of the January session, but in Italian.

Webinar Top 10 Issues of Chemical Management (Italian)
16-17-18 March 2020

The goal of the webinar is to identify possible critical issues in implementing a chemical management system, to define the most suitable solutions to overcome the operational challenges within the organization, to qualify the company management system of chemicals in production.


All the Process Factory branded course provide for a limited number of attendees to offer an optimal training experience. To register for the pre-scheduled sessions, you need to:

  1. register on the ZDHC Academy Platform by selecting the course of your interest
  2. fill in the form of the chosen session available online in the ZDHC Courses section of the 4sustainability website